This month’s FWW headlines…

Oscar’s story

how volunteering with Faithworks led to an international placement abroad!


Oscar is a 2nd year Psychology student at Bournemouth University working towards Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy.  In May 2017 Oscar decided to apply for a voluntary role at Faithworks and found the Telephone Befriending position through the Student Union volunteer opportunities.  Oscar was attracted to the role due to it’s flexibility in fitting around his studies and felt it would enable him to build up useful skills and increase his employability.

However, over the last 8 months he has come to realise the Telephone Befriending provides much more than this – providing an opportunity to build relationships with clients as well as being enjoyable and very rewarding.

Oscar says: ‘it’s nice to call clients, listen to them and reflect how the week has been’ 

Not only does Oscar find phoning clients rewarding but the role has led to securing a volunteer work placement abroad!  Oscar said the Telephone Befriending role ‘definitely helped with employability as it enabled me to secure a placement in mental health in Sri Lanka.’  Having Faithworks’ volunteering on my CV definitely caught the interview panel’s attention and led to them offering me the placement.  Oscar also found the same to be true during several job interviews proving that volunteering did increase his employability!

Oscar said he: ‘cannot think of any reason why anyone wouldn’t do [Telephone Befriending]’!

Oscar is a faithful and dedicated telephone Befriender and we wish him all the best in his adventures abroad!

Happy 104th Birthday to Elsie!

This month is very special as it is Elsie’s 104th birthday!  Elsie is our eldest client and has been supported by Faithworks for the last 10 years.  Faithworks work in partnership with COAST, Tricuro (a Borough of Poole project), which provides sheltered work experience for adults with a learning disability.  The COAST Garden team have been visiting Elsie once every 6 weeks for the past 10 years to ensure Elsie’s garden is well-maintained.  The team are always ready with a cheery hello and Elsie is always ready to have a good catch up!  We hope you have a very special birthday Elsie!