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Marilyn is supported by our FOCUS carers project.  Read Marilyn’s story here:

Marilyn cares for three people – her Mum, her son and her granddaughter.  Marilyn also has to work full-time to ensure she can keep a roof over their heads.  This means there is very little time to manage day to day tasks such as food shopping and maintaining the garden.  Marilyn says:

‘Caring for three people, working full-time and trying to keep positive is not easy…
life is very hectic…trying to juggle everything is not easy.’

Marilyn hasn’t had much opportunity to do the things she enjoys and even keeping on top of essential household tasks like the garden isn’t easy.  So the COAST Garden service have been visiting Marilyn for 3 years:

‘Before Faithworks it was an absolute nightmare just trying to get the garden done… it has given me peace of mind knowing the garden is not too overgrown (which can lead to more depression).’ 

One of the many challenges Marilyn feels carers face is the need to be understanding at all times, even when the person being cared for is having a bad day and there are other issues such as tiredness and sleeplessness to contend with:

As a carer you are supporting other people but need to stay sane at the same time’

So every part of the FOCUS team whether that be gardening, Telephone Befriending or the regular Contact Worker visits, they all start with listening.  Marilyn knows that in her hugely busy life, she has someone else in her corner who will always be there to provide her with someone to talk to.

For more about Faithworks support for carers see the FOCUS page