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STABILISE: Budget Coaching

We receive referrals for clients not only having debt problems but who also are in need of support with their financial paperwork.

Our Personal Budget Coaches support clients with their paperwork, helping them create a realistic budget and develop financial skills, encouraging them to live debt free lives.

A married couple were referred to us as the husband was incapacitated through terminal cancer and his wife needed to manage the household budgeting.  His hobby had been to do their banking through the internet and he managed various accounts online.  His wife had very little understanding of what he was doing, not even knowing the passwords.

Our Personal Budget Coaches supported them in setting up accounts that the wife could administer and gave her money management and budget advice.  Her husband died shortly afterwards but at least one worry was taken away and she was able to continue to cope with the household budgeting.


Where do our Budget Coaches work?

In the community: We have Budget Coaches across Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole who can meet with you at one of our locations near where you live

We also work with the following:

Food Banks: We are training up volunteers in several Food Banks to offer budgeting support and to act as frontline referrers.  So, when a “guest” comes to the Food Bank because of debt, they are on hand immediately to offer support.  Currently in Blandford and Christchurch Food Banks

Church Partnerships: We are delighted to help local churches offer this service to the individuals and families they may encounter.  We will train a few volunteers as Personal Budget Coaches so they can provide immediate support to these families, referring them to the Debt Advisor team if needed.  Currently being developed in the Lighthouse Church, Lychett Minster

Local Hubs: Probation and other statutory services are developing local hubs for multi-faceted support to the community.  Currently in Poole Probation Hub at Parkstone Christian Centre

Key Agencies:  We are now starting to train up children’s centre staff to provide this support to their client groups.  Expected soon at Southbourne and Poole children’s centres