Hope out of Domestic Abuse

We are pleased to announce that Treasure has been transferred to Centrepoint Elim Church, Bournemouth.  Treasure will start again on the 11th September 2018.

Treasure was developed out of a recognised need following a domestic abuse course run by BCHA. The course, called Pattern Changing, focuses on why women repeatedly enter into abusive relationships and then seeks to provide support with changing these behaviour patterns.

  • Those who attended the course felt they needed further support in order to assist them with maintaining healthy boundaries. The Treasure project was therefore set up, with support from Faithworks Wessex, in order to meet this need.

  • Treasure now meet weekly and provides a safe space for women and their children to offload, talk through change and support one another while maintaining changes. The group also exists to support women while they wait for a space on the Pattern Changing course.

  • The group creates a safe environment for women and children to meet and support each other as new friendships grow.

  • The team work with the group on strengthening self-esteem and confidence so that each member can work towards healthier and stronger relationships in the long-term.

Treasure is run by Kesch Roff and work closely with local agencies including children centres, churches, safe houses and refuges.

If you would like more information about Treasure call Kesch Roff on 07510699508