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BCARS: working together

Not all those who beg on our streets are rough sleepers…


Here are some very practical ways you can make sure your help gets to those who need it

  1. Donate financially to BCARS work 

  2. Volunteer: give David a call on 01202 429037 to find out how to become a “Half-time supporter” or Sleepsafe volunteer

  3. Get informed: Find out more about what’s already being provided – see the websites below or give us a call

  4. Pray: for those on the street, and those helping them – see our prayer kit for ideas of how to pray

There are some great websites out there to inform and inspire

  1. Street Support has lots of helpful information all in one place

  2. We love the work of Hope into Action

  3. Housing Justice is the national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing

    Locally we have good links with other agencies

    1. Shelter 

    2. YMCA 

    3.  BCHA