What does your job title mean?
Chief Executive sounds very grand: for me it means exciting people with the big picture – “imagine what we could do together!!”  But it also means utterly supporting every team member: I want them to know that I’m “there for them”.

How would you describe your working day to a child?
I’m one of the luckiest people around because every morning is different.  Just take one day last week: emails first (!), then meeting with people from Council, charities and NHS to plan new projects to reduce loneliness, then drop in to see Food Bank manager, then lunch with church leaders to plan how we can work better together to help older people.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  
The thought that someone in the Faithworks family could help a person make a big change today that gets them free of crisis.  There is new Hope every day…

What is your favourite film?  
One of my favourite films is Amélie – I love the way she sees the tiny things in life and wonders at them. A lot of my work can be geeky financial stuff (finances and fundraising) – it’s very important that I take time to ‘wonder.’

Why did you want to work for Faithworks?
I used to live in wonderful Hull (!) – I worked for the city council and started working with local Christians as part of changing the city – we set up the 101st foodbank in the UK (missed it by 1). So, when I saw the Faithworks CEO job it felt like God had been preparing me for the role – even though it was in Bournemouth!?

When did you last cry with laughter and why?
Dara O’ Briain always does me… but also trying to get my 87-year-old non-games-playing father to play Bingo out of a Christmas cracker.

How do you relax when not at Faithworks?
Running is my big obsession – Great North Run and B’mth half marathon each autumn – always in fancy dress – the chicken costume from last year is still hanging up in our conservatory!?

What was your last favourite meal?
Huge whole plaice, simply cooked in butter with my father in a timber-beamed restaurant in Starcross, Devon.

How can people support you in your work with Faithworks?
Pray and donate regularly!  (I get a Sunday evening email from our giving website – 2 weeks ago someone gave £800 – a dancing around the room moment).  Oh, and speak hope and encouragement as often as you can!