*CMA – Community Money Advice team

What does your job title mean?
I am in charge of making sure the Hubs run effectively and efficiently, I work closely with the volunteers to support them.  I help volunteers to support the clients, providing advice and guidance.  In addition, I have my own clients as a Debt Adviser.

What is a Hub?
A Hub is where the Faithworks CMA team meet clients face to face.  Locations include: Poole Food Bank+, Blandford Food Bank+, Probation Community Hub and High Cross Church, Somerford.  We are in the process of launching three more Hubs in the autumn term working alongside the Trussell Trust Food Bank.

Describe an average day in your job…
Emails in my inbox, dashing between appointments with clients, Hubs, and volunteers; responding to volunteers questions and paperwork such as writing up notes from client appointments, contacting creditors, preparing financial statements (client budgets), collating statistics for the work we do to support funding applications and carrying out file reviews to ensure they are FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliant.

How would you describe your working day to a child?
I help others to help grown ups make sense of their money.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
My dog Rosie and my kids!

What is your favourite film? 
Dirty Dancing because of the breaking of social rules and the unlikely romance! “Nobody puts baby in a corner”!  I had the soundtrack on vinyl, but have had to replace that a couple of times and now have the full extended soundtrack.

Explain your journey with Faithworks?
I was originally a client in 2012 with Hope House Debt Advice.  Following a period of long-term sick, I volunteered in my church office to rebuild my confidence and assisted my Debt Advisor (based at the church) with admin.  Hope House Debt Advice was merging with Faithworks and I was asked to liaise with Faithworks to ensure everything was in order.  Shortly afterwards a paid position opened up on the team, and I was invited to apply.

I began as the Financial Projects Administrator matching clients to Debt Advisers.  Within 6 months I had become a trained and licensed Debt Adviser and was able to use my experience to help others.  Over the last 3 years, I’ve gone from being an Administrator to being a Coordinator.  Not only have my hours increased but the team has also grown.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
A deer because I am stunning, graceful and fast! LOL

What was your last favourite meal?
Aubergine parmesan -you can download Dawn’s time-saving, delicious meal on a budget here!

How can people support you in your work with Faithworks CMA?
We desperately need funding because there is less and less to support those in crisis.  We would love people to give regularly.  Other ways you can support is through prayer or volunteering – we need an Administrator for our move to the Winton office.  There is also the opportunity to join our team, as a runner, at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival (variety of distances available) to raise money for Faithworks!

Any final words?…
I love working for Faithworks!  It’s so supportive and encouraging.  The passion everyone has oozes out and in to your life!