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Project Name: Bournemouth Town Pastors

Location: Bournemouth town centre

Volunteer Title: Bournemouth Town Pastor

Time Commitment: Saturday, 8.30pm – Sunday, 12.30am once a month

Role Description: patrol the town centre of Bournemouth on Saturday nights, helping anyone in need out in the night-time economy – being the hands and feet of Jesus to all.

You will be part of a team of either 3 or 4 men/women, with a distinctive uniform, carrying a lightweight bag containing supplies such as water, flip flops, foil blankets etc.

Key skills: be compassionate and non-judgemental

You will gain experience in: 

  • being part of a team
  • frontline support for those out in the night-time economy

For further information contact: Chris on 07999 484989 or email