Kate’s Story | from postnatal depression and £14,000 worth of debt to hope

  • Kate’s Journey: Kate* experienced postnatal depression and her GP signed her off work. Eight months later, tearful and going through a marital breakdown, she was referred to the Faithworks CMA Debt Advice team.  She had £14,000 of debt mainly from store and credit cards and she had a large outstanding mortgage; she was very anxious, and could not see a way.

The CMA team established her income and expenditure enabling Kate to manage her money and start to pay her creditors.  Kate was supported in writing to her creditors create a payment plan.  Kate was also able to claim some benefits.  A 12 month interest free mortgage was renegotiated relieving Kate of some of the money pressures.

In just 6 weeks, Kate went from not knowing where to turn, to having a debt management plan she could own.  Kate felt back in control and a request for her benefits to be backdated.  Hope has returned!

*Name has been changed