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Tribute to Chris Hayman:

We were honoured to know Chris through our rough sleepers and recovery work.  Chris used to volunteer at the In Touch and Hope 4 Food meal runs, providing free meals to those sleeping on the streets and with an unsettled way of life. In addition to this Chris came alongside others to help them access The Recovery Course (support for those with addictions and destructive habits).  Chris lived his life with a big heart for others.  Here David Chidwick, Homelessness Projects Manager, and Emma Heath, Recovery Projects Manager pay tribute…


Dear Chris

We all join here today to celebrate your life
And the measure of your huge hearts worth
And all the many lives you helped & touched
While you were here on this earth.

You freely gave to many, looking out for the least & lost
Always putting others before yourself, no matter what the cost,
We admire you kindness & huge passion,
And the way you lived with such compassion.

We wish to pay our last respects.
That’s why we all are here,
To thank you for your friendship
And all the memories we hold dear.

Chris It’s been a privilege to have known you.
You helped the lost & the lonely always there as a friend,
And we will keep you close in spirit
Until we meet you once again.

– Emma


Chris: “a big guy” with a big smile & heart

It’s hard to know what to say when someone has left this terrestrial ball,
certainly will happen to us all. Some may say it’s sad or bad, maybe it’s their time it’s just God’s call.

Chris was a big guy with a great handshake, a big smile and a big heart,
I believe he knew his role in life and played his part.

I met him 6 years ago volunteering at the garage (food run) at the Church in the centre of town.
He gave me a smile and a chair we both sat down.

I was new in town, no one knew me but I felt accepted, he listened and cared over a mug of tea.
I’m not important to the world, but I felt I mattered to Chris that’s what I want you to see.

Chris knew that no one is any more important than anyone else or should be treated any different.
We are all here sharing this life, some struggle with paying their rent or sleep in a tent.

Like me and you Chris had his struggles like we all do. Life isn’t easy but he knew the importance of little things in this life,
and if we can take care of these things it will help reduce the strife.

People mattered to Chris, getting them a drink, meal, a pair of socks, some clothing or even a toothbrush.
What I liked about Chris, he didn’t rush.

He knew we are all different, some of us change, some of us won’t, some can’t, we are who we are.
With Chris in this world, and by your side acceptance didn’t seem quite so far.

Making time to listen to people is what’s important, taking time to care and share very real HOPE
is definitely what’s required for any of us who just can’t COPE.

So before I finish my tribute to Chris the guy with a big smile and heart,
who knew his role and played his part, What will we do?  Where do we start?

At the beginning… God. Chris knew God was real and knew there is a bigger picture.
You may be lonely, scared or even sad you may think this is completely mad.
But God exists who loves us knowing all our good and bad.

To express this love to mankind, a book was written, it’s available on a shelf, in hardback, or paperback, offline, or online.
It’s been written in so many languages, but it’s a heavenly language to show God is more than just kind.

God sent his son “Jesus” into this world not to condemn us, but to save us, God’s motive was and is love, and it’s from above.
So to play our part let’s open our own hearts, look up and ask for his His LOVE.

We are not to judge that’s’ not for us, and it wasn’t for Chris. Jesus was an extraordinary man (God) with a message for the ordinary man with an extraordinary heart, which is how he played his part.

So remember today, let’s not forget what Chris did for others, having the ability to put others before himself is a rare and special gift
Keep love in your heart and it will solve many a rift.

Thank God for Chris, we shared our time with, he played such an important part, help each one of us now, know your love deep within our heart.

Chris, we will miss you

We salute you

God bless, David