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ACT: Debt Advice

As a registered and licensed Community Money Advice Centre in Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch, we are able to support clients who have debt problems and negotiate with creditors on their behalf.


Although in part-time employment, “John” had got behind in payments for his rent and utility bills.  He also owed money on his credit cards.  Our Debt Advisor assessed his financial situation, initially ensuring that he was receiving the benefits he was entitled to.  Letters were written to his creditors establishing his debts, and arrangements were made to repay his loans and debts in a manageable way.  He was given personal budgeting support to ensure that he managed his finances in the future.  Hope was restored.

I am in debt: how can I get help?
Simply call 01202 429037 and ask for the CMA team

I have skills and want to help others in this position:
Email us using the contact form below
or call 01202 429037 and ask for the CMA team or Emma

How does it work

  1. The Referral:  Client referrals come from Social Services, Probation, Housing departments, churches, individuals, Food Banks and other agencies; if you are referred to us, then we will send you a guide that guides you through the initial steps; you can then contact the office requesting an appointment when you are ready

  2. First Appointment:  When you contact our office ready for an appointment, two Personal Budget Coaches are allocated to meet with you; we will talk about what help you need and if necessary, help you organise the paperwork.  It may take several appointments to get all the paperwork organised

  3. Fact-find:  We are now able to identify your income, outgoings and debts.  Our goal is to end up with a “Common Financial Statement” which will be the starting point for all the following steps

  4. Decision on the next stage:  Our trained Debt Advisers can now make a decision with you as to the most appropriate support based upon the urgency of the situation, your commitment to resolve your debts and how comfortable you are in managing the details.  This may include helping you write to creditors, setting spending targets or signposting to other agencies

  5. The goal:  Our aim is to help you regain control – we can’t and won’t do it all for you; but we will give you the confidence to get to a debt repayment plan that works for you.

We want you to come back to us in the future, and like a recent client say
it has taken 7 years, but I am now debt free – thank you!