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TRAIN: local community teams of Budget Coaches

Our goal is for there to be a team of front-line Budget Coaches in every community across Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch.

If your church, Foodbank, or community centre has 2-3 volunteers, give us a call and we’ll come and train them up.  We will help you create a team of Personal Budget Coaches who can help someone take control of their finances; if needed, they can access the support of our Community Money Advice Centre (part of the Community Money Advice CMA national network).

How does it work?

Tell the story: we’ll present to the church or a group, explaining the need, the opportunity to bring hope to your community, and how we can work together.

Help build a team: we’ll meet with interested individuals to explain the commitment and how it works in more detail.

Training: everyone will receive an initial 2 hours of training on how volunteers best work with clients; then we will provide specific training on CMA; finally, everyone gets shadowing opportunities going out with a more experienced Budget Coach.

Materials & Recording: all the materials, paperwork and access to CMA Software Systems is provided through our team and CMA.

Ongoing support: the team will be invited to monthly team gatherings for updates, guest speakers and local expert advice on specific case studies.

Further training: access to specialist training through CMA and the Wiser Adviser debt advisor support programme is available as required.