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Home Equip

Through funding and community donations we are able to supply anything from cups to cookers, beds to baby items, to a whole home of furniture. The Home Equip project brings hope and self-worth, it turns an empty property in to a home and safe space for many of our families. This has become a valuable resource for our community.

This project works on a similar basis to the Food Bank – Supporting families and individuals going into void/empty homes. An indivdual or family is referred to us due to homelessness, domestic violence, social services intervention, fire or another emergency. Referrals come from the local housing department at the council, social services, the family and children’s centre, schools and churches.

For those families whose children need beds, their cooker has broken or escaping domestic violence the Home Equip project is a lifeline for those items they cannot afford. By helping those, who have experienced domestic violence and escaped volatile relationships, build their home it prevents them from feeling the need to return. This project runs thanks to the generosity of our funders and the donations from the community.

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