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Faithworks’ Food Banks FAQs

Q. Can anyone just turn up at the Food Bank for food?
A. No, the process is that the person in need goes to a local referrer who can work with them through their crisis providing other suitable support (e.g. Citizens Advice or the local council office).  The referrer fills in a voucher that the person brings to the Food Bank.

Q. How many times can a person come to the Food Bank?
A.  Our principle is that people can have 3 vouchers in a period of 6 months… but that is the “principle”.  If someone is in an ongoing situation (e.g. awaiting a benefits claim to be processed), then we will work with the referrer to make sure the person is helped throughout that period.

Q. Where does the food come from?  
A. All our food is donated by wonderful people putting things into our supermarket boxes or collecting at churches and businesses… we are delighted with one can or a whole car full (yes, people fill the car and drive over, not wanting any special thanks – people are SO generous)

Q. What help do you need?
A. Food of course!  And people to volunteer to help with both talking to the guests and sorting the food.  But don’t forget that it also costs money to run a Food Bank – if you can give regularly, however small an amount, that would make sure we keep going and can add new services (click here for details).  Thank you

You can download our Food Bank shopping list here: