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Dementia Friendly Churches

“He read with passion and life; there was not a dry eye… and now he leads prayers and “is no longer a shadow!”

Faithworks Wessex, Prama and Alzheimer’s Society are working together to inspire and equip churches to help people on their journey out of the isolation caused by memory loss.

They have formed a local Dorset Dementia Action Alliance  to help churches in Dorset understand the needs of those with memory loss in their community, and successfully implement plans to make their churches ‘Dementia-Friendly’

Our approach is based on 4 steps

STEP 1: ‘Link-up’ and listen
Is there someone in your congregation with a passion for people facing memory loss? We’ll work with them to run a session to listen to those facing dementia in your community

STEP 2: Dementia Friends training
Find up to 12 people who would be willing to learn a little more about dementia and we will provide a 45 minute – 1 hour session which will equip you all to become official “Dementia-friends”.  We can extend this training to include ideas for Dementia-friendly worship and other communication ideas.
*More detailed Dementia Awareness training is also available.

STEP 3: Building Audit
In addition to training, Faithworks Wessex are able to provide an assessment of your building, with a view of making a few simple changes, to enable your venue to become more friendly for people with dementia or memory loss

STEP 4: Events and Activities
Finally, we are happy to discuss with you ideas for activities or events for you to host in order to strengthen local provision for those facing dementia and their carers: such as a Dementia-friendly service, inter-generational “memory boxes” or coffee groups with a focus on art, music or dance.

For more information on becoming a Dementia-friendly church or the next Dementia-friendly service
in your area, contact Tracy on:

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