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Faithworks Recovery – supporting those in or affected by addiction


Addiction and destructive habits are a growing problem in our society – they can affect mental and physical wellbeing, as well as both the individual and those around them.

We believe that, with someone to journey alongside them, there is hope.  This will build their self-confidence and help people to find a path of recovery and freedom.

We offer a range of support for those in addiction and those affected by someone else’s addiction.

Sophie’s story:

‘Today I am seven months sober (I didn’t believe it was possible, all I ever thought about was drinking). I am free, my life is full of joy. I look and feel like a completely different person. I actually LAUGH – belly laugh even!  My family are happy. I’ve learnt who I am.  My head no longer hangs down in shame due to the awful things I did when intoxicated.

I’ve been given time to LIVE on God’s earth not die… Thank you so much.’ – Sophie

Read more of Sophie’s story here


We work closely with the following organisations: