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Keys Detox Centre

What is KEYS Community Detox?

This programme runs under Keys Community Detox , a UK registered charity established in 2013.  Keys Community Detox was set up by Dr Stephen Smith, a GP specialist in substance misuse, to coordinate a programme of church based community detox.

Centres are located around the UK -Faithworks have launched a Keys Community Detox centre in Bournemouth at Half-time, Westover Road (next to the YMCA). We have a Project Manager, Sarah, alongside a team of volunteers who are trained in how to best support a person before, during and after a detox.  The Faithworks KEYS centre focuses on the following three areas:

  1. MEDICAL – Teams are trained and equipped to support clients before, during and after detox using medical protocols which generally involve the clients own GP.

  2. SPIRITUAL – KEYS Community Detox is primarily aimed at helping those who are open to a spiritual route to recovery.   Clients are supported through a Christian recovery programme that uses the 12-steps, adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous, to address issues that are very often at the root of addiction.   See below for more on the 12-steps.

  3. COMMUNITY – Community Support is the vital third ‘KEY’ to the programme. Having the support of a loving community is a significant boost to anyone seriously wanting to make the lifestyle changes necessary for long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol.

People interested in a community detox are encouraged to call Sarah for an initial discussion and to arrange an appointment – contact Sarah on: 07594 011058