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We are looking for volunteers with a passion to help those on their journey of recovery from addiction and destructive habits to Hope.

There are 2 main volunteer roles available (full descriptions attached):

Recovery Support 

Volunteer Recovery Application form

What’s involved:

  • Commit to training to build a committed and dedicated team of Faithworks’ volunteers for Recovery
  • Establish and build a rapport with guests that come for assessments at Half-time for either one-to-ones or Detox support
  • Meet with Emma (Recovery Projects Manager) to establish a plan/times for your volunteering
  • Attend Faithworks’ Basic Skills training
  • Establish and maintain appropriate boundaries within the client/guest relationship
  • Spend time, share activities, go to events with the client (depending on your availability)
  • Notify the Coordinator and/or Manager of any issues relating to the role or (if appropriate) your own recovery journey, ensuring that your own welfare/and or recovery is well maintained.
  • Complete any paperwork required for documenting the one-to-one involvement with a client
  • Assist on a recovery course locally if possible and help at any recovery related events