Financial Hope – Money Matters

“We made an offer to creditors which they accepted… she now has a full larder and fridge, is putting on weight, repaying her debts and is almost free of stress”

“Money Matters”: Budget Coaching, Debt Advice and Money Management courses to help individuals get organised to escape debt and then stay debt -free.

We are a Community Money Advice centre, part of a national network and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Here are the four steps of the journey we make with our clients:

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ACT:Debt Advice

Our fully trained and FCA
accredited debt advisors work
with clients to talk to creditors
in order to establish a realistic
debt repayment plan

STABILISE:Budget Coaching

The coaches support clients
with their paperwork, helping
them create a realistic budget
and to develop
financial skills encouraging
them to live debt free lives

PREVENT:Money Management Courses

We run courses in college,
schools, probation, children’s
centres and for older people –
all with the aim of helping
people make more of their

TRAIN: Training local teams
in the community

We now train up volunteers at
foodbanks, churches and other
local hubs (children’s centres)
to be the first point of contact
in their community for those
facing financial difficulties

Other resources and

We have picked up some
really useful links and websites
to help you manage your
money such as Turn2Us, Stop
the Loan sharks etc. And
there’s more on CMA…